Bear Lodges

The brief was to instill the brand's core values and promote the company's expanding portfolio of properties.

Project Goals

The primary goals of the site were to promote the company's portfolio of chalets and encourage users to enquire for holidays.

Having an easily accessible booking process was key, enabling users to quickly select the chalet of choice and enter some key information so Bear Lodges can easily follow up.

Creating an Identity

The first bridge we crossed with Bear Loges was to create a recognisable visual identity which reflected the brand's core values.

Bear Lodges, Website Design
Bear Lodges, Website Design

Clear Engagement

The information on the chalet pages is broken up into clean and easily scannable blocks to give users the breathing space to absorb all the information.

We built the site to be responsive to give a great experience on any device. We tailor the mobile user interface to feature an enquire button to make the booking process more simple for mobile users.

Bear Lodges, Website Design


Trimmed down, no less immersive — with around 50% of website hits coming from mobile devices it's essential to allow mobile users access to the site and ensure the main site functions are usable.

Bear Lodges, Mobile Website Design
Bear Lodges, Mobile Website Design
Bear Lodges, Mobile Website Design
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