Keeping it Fresh with Zeste!

Zeste needed a new approach to their online marketing, we simplified the website with clear information and prices and gave their logo and brand a lively new look and feel.

Project Goals

The main goal for zeste was to organise the services information into a coheasive and understandable structure.

It's crucial for users to have access to the contact form at all times to make the order process as simple as possible.

Looking to the future we made the site so that it can be scaled as the business grows, the menus section eventually has scope to be expanded into a full order form

Spicing up the brand

We kept the new logo for Zeste simple, lively and recognisable.

Keeping things lively

People on the web have a short attention span, epecially hungry ones!

We aimed to keep the content snappy and informative with a clear path complete the contact form and get in touch.


Trimmed down, no less immersive — with around 50% of website hits coming from mobile devices it's essential to allow mobile users access to the site and ensure the main site functions are usable.

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