Serre-Che Chalet

The brief was to promote a newly renovated ski chalet and the beautiful, little-known area where it's situated — Serre Chevalier.

Project Goals

We had two main functions for the new site: a simple booking process, and clear information about the chalet's amenities and area.

By using a persistent header we ensure the user has access to navigate no matter which journey they take through the site. At the end of each page, we offer a link to a follow-up page to subtly guide them through the site for a full overview of the chalet.

The booking button is in view at all times and when clicked activates a smooth and straight-forward experience with clear user feedback.

Alpine Styling

The golden larch trees in the winter compliment the rich blue skies of Serre Chevalier, we used the natural beauty of the area to influence the colour palette for the Serre-Che Chalet site.

Serre Che Chalet, Website Design
Serre Che Chalet, Website Design

Staying engaged

We split content into bite-size blocks and interspersed the text with images of the chalet and surrounding area.

We use custom-designed icons as a shorthand for what could be boring or long-winded information and statistics.

Serre Che Chalet, Website Design


Trimmed down, no less immersive — with around 50% of website hits coming from mobile devices it's essential to allow mobile users access to the site and ensure the main site functions are usable.

Serre Che Chalet, Mobile Website Design
Serre Che Chalet, Mobile Website Design
Serre Che Chalet, Mobile Website Design
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